The Intranet of Things at home

I have been arguing over the past years that most existing Internet of Things (IoT) applications and prototypes are rather “Intranets” of Things.  Most often we don´t want to share data about things over the Internet with others. The blog by Kai Kreuzer about “” supports this argument. He sees the Smart Home e.g. as such an Intranet of Things. He also clearly separates M2M and “Cloudy Things” from the IoT. Interesting to read …Hopefully I will find the time to play around with openHab …

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“Architecting the Internet of Things” translated to Chinese

The chinese version of “Architecting the Internet of Things” is now avaliable at China Publishing thanks to IReG (Research Group on the Internet of Things, BNU), who has taken care of the translation.


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M2M and the Internet of Things on ZDNet

It seems that the IoT is moving mainstream. While the topic has been hot for researchers and some businesses, it is now also covered more and more by consumer-focused media. The special feature on ZDNet on M2M and the Internet of Things is a good example, even though the mess-up of terms is awful. (M2M includes for example short term communication via Bluetooth or Zigbee, which does not need any Internet connection at all.)

The conclusion of the introductory chapter for the Internet of Things in an ideal world is not really new, but still holds truth: “In an ideal world, M2M equipment will interoperate smoothly, service providers will compete on a level open-standards playing field without attempting to lock customers into their ecosystems, and the Internet of Things will develop with the same explosive inventiveness as did the original internet” (Charles McLellan, 2013). It has yet to be seen though, whether business people support this demand for openness.

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Publish & donate

Editing an academic publication such as “Architecting the Internet of Things” is a time-consuming task for the editors . However, it has also been a very interesting challenge to bring together researchers from different countries and fields of experience with a similar view on the IoT.

Additionally, there is a small payment from the publisher. However, as we (the editors) never intended to make any money on the book, we decided to donate it for charity. So we have donated the money for textbooks for schoolkids in poor countries through “SOS Kinderdörfer” (engl. SOS child’s village). Lately, “Architecting the Internet of Things” has been translated to Chinese, which generated some more money from transffering the publishing license. So we could donate more textbooks for the children. This would not have been possible though without all the authors and the buyers. So thanks to you!

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EPCglobal and the Internet of Things made simple

Make it simple – especially if you want to explain technically complex topics such as the EPCglobal Framework or the Internet of Things. Comics and videos provide a good opportunity to reach out to a wider (non-specialist) audience. In the following I want to highlight two examples.

The first example covering the EPCglobal standards results from student assignments in Hannover, Germany. The videos are in German.

The second example is nicknamed the IoT comic book and results from the European IoT-i project.

Hopefully there will be more examples like these…

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Not directly IoT – but interesting for those running a logistics lab

The Impact of Virtual, Remote and Real Logistics Labs The Impact of Virtual, Remote and Real Logistics LabsThe ImViReLL’12 – The Impact of Virtual, Remote and Real Logistics Labs has provided a lot of interesting contributions concerning logistics labs. The IoT may just be the missing link to combine distributed lab infrastructures. This would be a big step forward in simulating distributed supply network applications. The conference proceedings are available from Springer and Amazon.

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Information billing using Fosstrak

If you wonder what my dissertation thesis was about, you may want to read my blog contribution to the Fosstrak Blog. If you want to read even more … here is a reference to the corresponding Springer and Amazon websites.

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Excellent lecture on the Internet of Things

Florian Michahelles has come up with a new lecture on Business Aspects of the Internet of Things. The lecture website is a great source of inspiration and a must read for all IoT enthusiasts. There are numerous excellent links to different sources including presentations and videos.

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First IEEE Workshop on the Internet of Things: Smart Objects and Services

Want to go to San Francisco? There is a new call for papers on a corresponding IoT conference. Topics of interest include:

  • System architectures for the IoT/M2M
  • Communication protocols for the IoT/M2M
  • Service platforms for the IoT/M2M
  • Enabling technologies and standards for the IoT/M2M
  • Mobility management
  • Context awareness
  • Sustainable design
  • Location-based services and geographic information systems
  • Experimental prototypes and large-scale testbed infrastructures
  • Performance evaluation of IoT/M2M solutions
  • Convergence with the Internet of Services
  • Applications, including: eHealth/mHealth; Smart Grid/Smart Metering; connected consumer; fleet management; surveillance; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Smart House/Neighborhood/City
  • Business development and processes
  • Industrial use cases showing gaps to be filled by future research

Manuscripts Due:           February 17, 2012.
Acceptance Notification:      April  6, 2012.
Camera-ready Submission: 2nd half April 2012.

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New RFID Journal Thesis Award!

There is a new RFID Journal award, sponsored by the Global RF Lab Alliance, which is designed to reward excellence in academic research. It will be given to the best academic thesis. The top three submissions will be published in the GRFLA-endorsed  International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications. Please refer to RFID Journal Awards for further information.

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