The Virtual Logistics Lab (VLL)

While the Internet of Things is mostly focused on accessing information, there is also a demand to act through the Internet of Things for example to control machines. As part of a student project the “Virtual Logistics Lab” has been developed. The VLL enables accessing the LogDynamics Lab via Internet and will provide a community platform. The VLL-users plan, monitor and evaluate their experiments remotely. Webcams are used to get direct feedback. Currently the functionality is still limited, but we are looking forward to the follow-up project – VLL 2.0. Here is a short video that shows the general idea of the VLL.

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For more information see: Virtual Logistics Lab

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IoT is … if your body scale starts to Twitter

In the Internet of Things there is a lot of concern about privacy. Wouldn´t it be scary, if your personal health status would be public? Well now there is a body scale that does just that – fortunately it can be restricted to do so, too. Withings offers a Body Scale that allows you to share your weight and BMI with your friends, your doctor or your trainer via Twitter or Facebook. The scale even identifies different persons automatically and connects through WiFi with mobile devices or the Internet. There seems to be a flexible privacy concept that allows you to hide your data from the family while sharing them with the rest of the world. The price of the scale is about the same as a calorie-rich dinner with your partner in a nice restaurant…

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Call for Papers: The Internet of Things in Support of Information Management

During the 3rd International Conference on Information Management and Evaluation (ICIME12) at Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey from 16-17 April 2012 there will be a “mini track” on the Internet of Things in Support of Information Management. The Call for Papers can be downloaded from the conference website. A first abstract (300-500 words) is reqired by September 26th, 2011. The final paper has to be submitted by November 14th, 2012.

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Are there more things than people connected to the Internet?

Here is a nice graphic about the Internet of Things as seen by CISCO. The graphic seems to be from 2008 and states that at the end of 2011 20 typical households will produce more Internet traffic than the entire Internet produced in 2008. Personally, I have my doubts…

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Session summary of FIA Session II.3 – Internet of Things (IoT) and the Future Internet available on the Web

The final report of the Future Internet Conference & Future Internet Assembly in Budapest, Hungary from 17 – 19 May 2011 is now available on the Web:Link. On page 52 there is a summary of the IoT session.

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Is NFC finally taking off?

NFC – Near-field communication – finally seems to take off. Google, Nokia (and maybe Apple?) are jumping on board. The interest in NFC in search engines is high: at least the hype is taking off.

However, it will take a while until a critical mass of mobile phones will be replaced with new, NFC-enabled devices.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

A German shopping site lists the book “Architecting the Internet of Things” under the category Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. That really makes me think :-)

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Is the IoT about ‘socks finding each other’?

There is a new entertaining paper about the Iot named On Trusting Your Socks to Find Each Other by Elizabeth F. Churchill from Yahoo! Research. Even though it is pretty much focused on home automation, it is fun to read.

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SAP holds patent on the IoT (or part of it)

Just in case you didn’t know – SAP already has a patent since 2005 on “Exchange of article-based information between multiple enterprises”. This covers a big part of the business side of the IoT…

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Is there a ‘bill of rights’ for the Internet of Things?

There are different exisiting views on this topic already:

-from a people’s perspective see a discussion on Pachube
-from a things’ perspective see, e.g. Neil Gershenfeld, who claimed that Things have right to: 1. Have an identity, 2. Access other objects, 3. Detect the nature of their environment

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