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Excellent lecture on the Internet of Things

Florian Michahelles has come up with a new lecture on Business Aspects of the Internet of Things. The lecture website is a great source of inspiration and a must read for all IoT enthusiasts. There are numerous excellent links to different sources including presentations and videos.

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Gartner adds the Internet of Things to its famous hype-cycle

Gartner is famous for its hype-cycle, which is quoted in numerous publications and presentations (maybe the hype-cycle is overhyped itself?). Now they have added the Internet of Things before the peak of the hype which relates to ‘early adopters investigate’. I remember how RFID passed through the hype-cycle between 2005 and 2009. In 2010 it vanished without reaching the ‘slope of enlightenment’- hopefully the Internet of Things will not share the same fate…

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IoT is … if your body scale starts to Twitter

In the Internet of Things there is a lot of concern about privacy. Wouldn´t it be scary, if your personal health status would be public? Well now there is a body scale that does just that – fortunately it can be restricted to do so, too. Withings offers a Body Scale that allows you to share your weight and BMI with your friends, your doctor or your trainer via Twitter or Facebook. The scale even identifies different persons automatically and connects through WiFi with mobile devices or the Internet. There seems to be a flexible privacy concept that allows you to hide your data from the family while sharing them with the rest of the world. The price of the scale is about the same as a calorie-rich dinner with your partner in a nice restaurant…

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Session summary of FIA Session II.3 – Internet of Things (IoT) and the Future Internet available on the Web

The final report of the Future Internet Conference & Future Internet Assembly in Budapest, Hungary from 17 – 19 May 2011 is now available on the Web:Link. On page 52 there is a summary of the IoT session.

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Is NFC finally taking off?

NFC – Near-field communication – finally seems to take off. Google, Nokia (and maybe Apple?) are jumping on board. The interest in NFC in search engines is high: at least the hype is taking off.

However, it will take a while until a critical mass of mobile phones will be replaced with new, NFC-enabled devices.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

A German shopping site lists the book “Architecting the Internet of Things” under the category Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. That really makes me think :-)

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Is the IoT about ‘socks finding each other’?

There is a new entertaining paper about the Iot named On Trusting Your Socks to Find Each Other by Elizabeth F. Churchill from Yahoo! Research. Even though it is pretty much focused on home automation, it is fun to read.

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SAP holds patent on the IoT (or part of it)

Just in case you didn’t know – SAP already has a patent since 2005 on “Exchange of article-based information between multiple enterprises”. This covers a big part of the business side of the IoT…

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Is there a ‘bill of rights’ for the Internet of Things?

There are different exisiting views on this topic already:

-from a people’s perspective see a discussion on Pachube
-from a things’ perspective see, e.g. Neil Gershenfeld, who claimed that Things have right to: 1. Have an identity, 2. Access other objects, 3. Detect the nature of their environment

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Definitions on the Internet of Things

Here is a list of existing definitions for the Internet of Things in the order of appearance:

ETP EPOSS 05/2008 “Things having identities and virtual personalities operating in smart spaces using intelligent interfaces to connect and communicate within social, environmental, and user contexts” or “Interconnected objects having an active role in what might be called the Future Internet” or semantically “Internet of Things means a world-wide network of interconnected objects uniquely addressable, based on standard communication protocols”

Casagras 02/2009 “A global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects through the exploitation of data capture and communication capabilities. This infrastructure includes existing and evolving Internet and network developments. It will offer specific object-identification, sensor and connection capability as the basis for the development of independent cooperative services and applications. These will be characterised by a high degree of autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity and interoperability.”

Stephan Haller, SAP 05/2009 “A world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, and where the physical objects can become active participants in business processes. Services are available to interact with these ‘smart objects’ over the Internet, query and change their state and any information associated with them, taking into account security and privacy issues.”

CERP-IoT 09/2009 “Internet of Things (IoT) is an integrated part of Future Internet and could be defined as a dynamic global network infrastructure with self configuring capabilities based on standard and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual ‘things’ have identities, physical attributes, and virtual personalities and use intelligent interfaces, and are seamlessly integrated into the information network. In the IoT, ‘things’ are expected to become active participants in business, information and social processes where they are enabled to interact and communicate among themselves and with the environment by exchanging data and information ‘sensed’ about the environment, while reacting autonomously to the ‘real/physical world’ events and influencing it by running processes that trigger actions and create services with or without direct human intervention. Interfaces in the form of services facilitate interactions with these ‘smart things’ over the Internet, query and change their state and any information associated with them, taking into account security and privacy issues.”

Uckelmann, Harrison & Michahelles 4/2011 “The future Internet of Things links uniquely identifiable things to their virtual representations in the Internet containing or linking to additional information on their identity, status, location or any other business, social or privately relevant information at a financial or non-financial pay-off that exceeds the efforts of information provisioning and offers information access to non-predefined participants. The provided accurate and appropriate information may be accessed in the right quantity and condition, at the right time and place at the right price. The Internet of Things is not synonymous with ubiquitous / pervasive computing, the Internet Protocol (IP), communication technology, embedded devices, its applications, the Internet of People or the Intranet / Extranet of Things, yet it combines aspects and technologies of all of these approaches.”

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