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The Intranet of Things at home

I have been arguing over the past years that most existing Internet of Things (IoT) applications and prototypes are rather “Intranets” of Things.  Most often we don´t want to share data about things over the Internet with others. The blog by Kai Kreuzer about “” supports this argument. He sees the Smart Home e.g. as such an Intranet of Things. He also clearly separates M2M and “Cloudy Things” from the IoT. Interesting to read …Hopefully I will find the time to play around with openHab …

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Information billing using Fosstrak

If you wonder what my dissertation thesis was about, you may want to read my blog contribution to the Fosstrak Blog. If you want to read even more … here is a reference to the corresponding Springer and Amazon websites.

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How to prevent theft of digital cameras in the IoT

Together with Mark Harrison I have published a new paper on the RFID Journal website: RFID Journal. Hopefully some camera manufacturers will read this. In the meantime someone pointed me to the following website: stolencamerafinder. It seems that some camera manufacturers already write a camera ID to the EXIF files. It would be a logical next step to do the same for the lenses used.

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CEP tracking offers nice visualization

The tracking services by courier express parcel (CEP) shipping services are more or less a simple application in an Internet of Things. (Unfortunately discovery services that would stretch across multiple services are still missing, though.) What I like about the DHL and HERMES tracking service is the nice visualization that shows the actual delivery status.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of standardized process pictograms in a future Internet of Things?

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Shortage on Geiger tubes?

A large German electronics provider lists delivery dates of 2/2012 for Geiger tubes. At Pachube however, it is easy to follow radiation measurements around the world. The graph to the left is a Pachube example for Monitoring data at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Stations: MP-7.
For Germany the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz provides a website with current measurements. They also have some feeds on Pachube.
Meshed networks may also be used to collect data around an atomic plant. An interesting article on this can be found here.

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