M2M and the Internet of Things on ZDNet

It seems that the IoT is moving mainstream. While the topic has been hot for researchers and some businesses, it is now also covered more and more by consumer-focused media. The special feature on ZDNet on M2M and the Internet of Things is a good example, even though the mess-up of terms is awful. (M2M includes for example short term communication via Bluetooth or Zigbee, which does not need any Internet connection at all.)

The conclusion of the introductory chapter for the Internet of Things in an ideal world is not really new, but still holds truth: “In an ideal world, M2M equipment will interoperate smoothly, service providers will compete on a level open-standards playing field without attempting to lock customers into their ecosystems, and the Internet of Things will develop with the same explosive inventiveness as did the original internet” (Charles McLellan, 2013). It has yet to be seen though, whether business people support this demand for openness.

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